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I'm the conductor. The plants are the musicians contributing the notes, I just help arrange them-Danya Mosgofian

Monday, July 4, 2022

Update & Upcoming~

Hello Folks!

Thank you for checking in to the upcoming website of Artemis Herb Co, formerly The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. 

Also thank you for your patience while I get my life in order & the name change sorted out. I apologize for any delay.  As usual it seems for my life, SO much has happened in 2022. Beyond the recovery for all from the pandemic, the politics of insanity or insane politics, I had some weird stuff happen like my catalytic converter almost stolen for the 2nd time (they got interrupted so it was half cut off), my storage was broken into & things stolen and had Covid the entire month of May but there is some good news: I've moved to Santa Rosa!! 

I'm very happy to be in Sonoma county and welcome the change. I have already made new friends & contacts in the herbal world. But things have taken forever and a day to get settled with so much going on. Including finalizing the name change of my business. Also it took me awhile to get over the needing to change the name even though I really love was time and now I'm ok with it. 

I am settling in and will be reorganizing the business in some ways as well as the name change. Little by little I'm notifying people so it's not a shock. With that I would say to anyone supporting my work & keeping in touch...thank you! Thank you for the faith & appreciation in my products & for the continued support.  There have been times I wanted to close up & move on, with low income & exhaustion looming but when many have told me how my products help them feel genuinely better, it touches me & motivates me to keep going.
Thank you!!

As things gets mostly back to normal so will my business & hopefully in 2 months time on a new track in a way with a new name.
A new beginning; which is exactly what I need. 

How about you? 


Photo below is years old but something I hope to get into more~

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Moving Soon~

Hello!! Thanks for coming to the new site.  I'm in the process of rebuilding things and moving over all the info from The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co. to here, Artemis Herb Co.  It will be a slow, steady process as I'm saying goodbye to that name.  Boohoo....

But this is a good change and one that will beckon a new direction but don't worry, the remedies are still the same but there will be more of them, eventually, hopefully....and a few new bodycare and food items to add.  

Please hang with me while I go through this.  Times have been rough for everyone both on a societal, economic and personal level, including me. I'm doing the best I can to adapt and grow and not collapse under it all and stay in business because I have been blessed to make something many have told me has helped them. This is great motivation for me. 

So keep checking the main website Sultry Gypsy and I will post notices. 



Update & Upcoming~

Hello Folks! Thank you for checking in to the upcoming website of Artemis Herb Co, formerly The Sultry Gypsy Herb Co.  Also thank you for yo...

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